Unlimited Clients
PTPRO allows you to add and manage as many clients as your business dictates. Our goal is to help you grow your business! Therefore, the more clients you have the more successful your business should become.
Unlimited Trainers
PTPRO allows you to create as many trainer accounts as needed. You are able to create accounts with different roles as well as manage the accessibility to your system at all times. This enables us to assist in growing your business through unlimited account numbers. It is important to note that this is regardless of whether your are paying for additional PTPRO modules or just using the frees service.
Unlimited Bookings
PTPRO does not impose a limit on the number of bookings giving you the freedom to operate without the extra stress and worry about hitting limitations.
PTPRO has a very versatile communications system built into its core. The ability to be able to easily and effectively communicate with your clients is an essential requirement for any business. PTPRO has Email and SMS templates with the added ability for you to create your own templates as required. PTPRO can schedule automatic reminders for clients via both email and SMS or both at the same time if required.
Direct Debit

Being able to be paid on time and with as little hassle as possible is something all efficient and successful business’ desire and aim to achieve. PTPRO provides the tools to help you reach that goal with Direct Debit Billing for your clients. Clients can be dynamically billed weekly, fortnightly and monthly as required to ensure that you are paid for your services. If you have clients that have more than one family member using your services, PTPRO allows you to link their accounts for the purpose of Direct Debit Billing to ensure they have one Direct Debit transaction against their bank account as opposed to one for each member.

PTPRO's billing system is also integrated into the communications system and therefore you are able to set notifications for clients that have failed their Direct Debit transaction.

Cloud Delivered Software as a Service
PTPRO is a true cloud delivered application that can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection. PTPRO is a web based application and is mobile device friendly for those times you want to access your business while you are out and about. PTPRO is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Intelligent Business Systems
One of the goals for PTPRO when we designed this system was to make PTPRO as intelligent as possible. Consequently if something was a miss, then the system should be able to identify the issue and take corrective action or raise an alert to notify you that something needs your attention. This intelligence enables PTPRO to keep an eye on your business and raising alerts accordingly. Hence, there is no need to spend inefficient man-hours administering your business.
PTPRO Support

PTPRO provides an innovative support solution that is tightly integrated into the system. All help documents are embedded into the system. When needed these help documents can be opened easily and to the place in the help system relevant to where you are in the application. We have built a complete publishing system around our support system so that help documents can also contain multimedia to enhance the message the document is trying to convey. PTPRO also have and take pride in a tightly integrated help desk ticketing system that is context aware and ensures that all knowledge learnt from support tickets is kept into the help document for future reference.

The more you use PTPRO and use the support system, the more knowledge you build up with in the support system that can assist and encompass all of your organisation. This retains the knowledge learnt in the application and not only in the ‘head’ of the person using the application the most. This importantly ensures that when staffs leave, for instance, the knowledge learnt doesn't leave with them.

PTPRO Reporting
PTPRO provides a number of reports to assist in checking how your business is performing. PTPRO also provides a report dashboard that shows the real time data related to how your business is growing over the course of the current financial year.
PTPRO Auditing System

PTPRO has an in built audit system that keeps track of all changes made within the system. Regardless of who you are, whether you’re the owner of the business or the PTPRO system itself. Through keeping data up to date within the system, the system creates and audit log entry tracking the changes. All users can then be held accountable for their actions and nothing can happen within the system that cannot easily be traced through the auditing system. This works to protect your business and ensure that all actions taken are tracked. Also it ensures that PTPRO from a support perspective are able to easily identify if there's an issue and whether it is related to the system or the user.


Managing your business the easy way


$0.00 per Month

  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Trainers
  • Unlimited Bookings/Sessions
  • Email Communication Tools
  • Direct Debit Billing
  • Any Device, Any Place

  • Cloud Delivered
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Trainers
  • Unlimited Bookings
  • Email Communication
  • Direct Debit Billing
  • Any Device, Any Place

  • SMS Communications
  • Automated Billing
  • Smart System Alerts
  • Client Reminders
  • Integrated Support
  • Dynamic Reports
  • Audit Logs

CloudFocus the makers of PTPRO have more than 20 years experience within the Information Technology and Communications industry that has been bought to fruition in building the PTPRO Software as a Service offering. The primary goal for PTPRO is to help you grow your business, the more successful your business is, the more successful our business is. Therefore, we, at Cloud Focus, have spent our time crafting software solutions that we want to utilise as much as our clients.

Managing your business should be a simple task that doesn't require hours of frustration as you do battle with your computer. This is why you will want to keep using PTPRO as it becomes obvious, people that take pride in what they do and are genuinely trying to provide an enjoyable experience that takes the least amount of your time so you can focus on what you do best, built PTPRO.